Suite No. 7

The seventh suite is a new bath in the National style which is a one-story, without stairs and walkways. It includes a large room furnished with sofas and loungers, there is a dining table, as well as a large cozy trestle-bed (topchan). Two lounges. The large terrace has sofas and loungers. There is also a large pool, Hammam steam room has a massage table with heating; there is also a wood steam room and shower rooms. The suite area is more than two hundred square meters; it includes a high-end karaoke system, satellite TV, etc. There is an under-floor heating throughout the suite.
Since the steam room is heated exclusively with wood, the minimum time spent in the suite is two hours. Please be informed of this and treat with understanding to the rules of our complex.

The apartment has:

Steam room hammam
Wood steam bath
Free Wi-Fi
A massage table
Number of stories




Cost per hour

15 000 тг