Office Bath Complex

In December 2015, most of the residents of sunny Almaty have received a good gift - a new OFFICE bath complex opened in the city to deliver quality services in the sphere of wellness and entertainment for citizens. The category of citizens for whom the complex is intended is diverse. These can be corporate clients and couples. Since its opening, the complex has accumulated vast experience in this business area, for which it received a wellspring of positive responses from customers.

The hotel and bath complex offers the widest range of services. These are recreational as well as entertainment services for clients regardless of their age and wealth. The package of services includes a complex in whose territory there is a swimming pool with various bath and wellness procedures, including Russian bath and Finnish sauna, and you can also try the Turkish hammam. Procedures can also be accompanied by Thai and anticellulite massage.

Guests for an entertainment are invited to watch satellite TV, visit karaoke bar and billiards, hookah lovers can have this service as well. European and Oriental cuisine will surprise visitors of the complex, since highly qualified chefs will cook for you and waiters will serve you. An additional charge will give you the opportunity to use the services of a comfortable hotel room, as well as laundry services.

OFFICE has a united and friendly team that is respective to the requirements of its customers. Visit the complex just once, and you will feel like returning here again and again.